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OurHeartsConnect™ is a secure communication, information, and photo sharing portal designed specifically for the unique needs of adoptive parents, birth parents, adopted children, and children in long- and short-term foster care.

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Learn How OurHeartsConnect

Where adoptive parents, birth parents, adopted children, and children in long- and short-term foster care can connect. OurHeartsConnect provides a place to connect with all your family members who you have been separated from.

OurHeartsConnect Through Adoption

Learn how it truly provides open communication for open adoptions. OurHeartsConnect helps make adopting a smoother and more supportive experience for everyone.

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Share From
Anywhere With Ease

OurHeartsConnect works beautifully in your computer and mobile browser. Every account has a unique group name where you can send updates and content. With the OurHeartsConnect app you'll be able to share and read updates and photos anytime from anywhere.

Nurture Your
Precious New Family

Your adopted child has a beautiful, warm extended family watching them grow, learn, and experience the world. OurHeartsConnect isn't just about keeping in touch with each other; it's also about creating a record of this network of love & encouragement that every adopted child can look back on and know that this is what love looks like.

With OurHeartsConnect, there's no limit to what you can share as you create that record. Include: photos, videos, stories, scanned drawings, school awards, you name it.

Sharing videos & photos, commenting on them, telling stories, experiencing this life together is how you will record your child's life of love within OurHeartsConnect.

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Brings it All Together

Share videos, photos, and have conversations, anytime or when prompted by your own Post-Adoption Communication (PAC) plan. Save everything to share with others.

Appropriate Privacy

Every post-adoption relationship is unique. We've worked hard to ensure that our privacy settings will fit your needs.

Moderation as Needed

Long term, healthy relationships. That is the goal. When needed, you will have a support person who will assure all communications are appropriate and participants are safe and respected.

Text & Email Notifications

You'll never have to worry about missing an update or a new photo with customizable text and email notifications.

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