Private, Secure Communication

Secured Communication

The adoption triad includes the birth family, adoptive family, and the adopted child.

Private, Secure Communication Portal

Even the most open and intimate post-adoption relationships should have boundaries that make everyone in the adoption triad* feel comfortable and safe.

While we have many ways to share photos and communicate with friends and family online, other platforms don't really for the unique needs of this relationship. It would be incredibily awkward to have your birth mother as a Facebook friend or following your Instagram feed.

This is why we've created OurHeartsConnect. We want you to have an open, intimate relationship with your adoption triad...but in a limited, private, secure and appropriate way. No other platform makes that possible.

Brings it All Together

Share videos, photos, and have conversations, anytime or when prompted by your own Post-Adoption Communication (PAC) plan. Save everything to share with others.

Appropriate Privacy

Every post-adoption relationship is unique. We've worked hard to ensure that our privacy settings will fit your needs.

Searchable History

Looking for that one photo from last Christmas? Want to find the post about the snowman? Simple. Just search for it.

Email Notifications

You'll never have to worry about missing an update or a new photo with customizable email notifications.

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